NormCore is Important to Refashion

To fit in a crowd is the new standing out. There is 5 stages of fashion. The introduction, rise, peak, decline, and obsolescence stages. Fashion heads being fixated on the notion of “your outfit is only good if it’s different,” Is causing us to be stuck in a constant, previously stated, rise stage. The rise stage explained is to create and catch on to be classified as different or in some cases, avant-garde. With everyone wanting to be different we’ve lost touch with being normal and sticking to fundamentals. The consumer is now having trouble finding a premium quality black sweatshirt. Onward fashion moves backwards.

The fashion scene isn’t the only industry suffering from this recall. Hair stylists, shop owners, even makeup artists have taken account of this difficulty. These industries have suffered all together in the past but what makes this one so infuriating is that it starts not with big name companies pre established, but with the customer and start up companies rising in demand. 

Online fast fashion shopping departments such as Shein, Boohoo, and Primark have benefited greatly from the customer wanting something new. Fast fashion houses like these are putting out new, quote “never before seen products” at the expense of bad working conditions, unpaid workers, and poor craftsmanship. Another way houses like these are benefiting is the word “Alternative” being used in almost every fashion social media page,video, and lists. Take this site for example, . It provides a 20 brand list of tragically downgraded products of what a consumer really wants. Alternative shopping is a way to idolize well made thoughtful clothing and proceed to produce a worse version of such a piece. For example a Raf Simons 2001 collection sweatshirt that took years to plan,scale and put into production can be remade into a cheap, poorly made, and wasteful version. All while fulfilling what a customer wanted to buy but got the one they’ll throw out in a year because they didn’t have patience. Sustainability is suffering from this. Bad outdated shirts, pants, accessories will be filling the sea soon.

Understanding why modern Normcore is important, you’ll need to know the importance and what losses a good sweatshirt prevents and has. Keep the definition of NormCore in mind, Normcore is a movement practiced by dressing in unisex simple silhouettes mixed with everyday easy to blend in colors. With this we can go into why it’s important to take part. A good sweatshirt can last up to 10+ years with proper care. These 10 years can put a halt on wasteful clothing production, unnecessary trends, and end harsh work environments. A bad sweatshirt the consumer bought to have for two weeks will drastically increase these statistics. Everybody can have their own good sweatshirt. All it takes is,

  • Browsing with precaution
  • Shopping locally
  • Clarify what textiles are being used
  • Where does production take place
  • Followed by a couple background checks

 are all ways anybody can practice to shop for quality pieces.

Normcore is important to refashioning how we shop. Considering all, anybody can participate in this hopeful refashion of the modern generation. Every Avant Garde piece starts with a basic understanding of a basic clothing article, but mastering a basic clothing article can be the new Avant Garde.

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